As an organizational behavior scholar, I study the self-concept in organizations.  My principal area of research investigates how the belongingness to or defining of the self-concept by affiliation with an organization or profession, referred to as identification, influences perceptions and behaviors.  Subtle gender bias, leadership, and the resistance to leadership are also in my research lexicon.  My more recent scholarship is situated in the healthcare space, though historically I have explored similar constructs in higher education.

Current Projects:

  • Subtle Gender Bias – w/ Amy Diehl & Leanne Dzubinski
    • We’ve developed and validated (across 4 industries; healthcare, higher education, faith-based organizations, and law) the subtle bias towards women leaders (SuBTLe) scale.  Additionally, we’ve examined intersectional barriers and conducted a cross industry comparison.
  • Leadership Aversion 
    • Ever wonder why some people may be resistant to assume leadership positions? … Me too!

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Higher Education:

Other Intrigues:


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